Sammy is a 6 month old black and white male puppy born May 4, 2019. His sire is Deco Archi Lee and his dam is Tiger Girl. Sammy came to GALT from his breeder, along with Frank. He and Frank both have bone abnormalities in their front right leg, around the ankle area. This is same deformity that is showing up in Blaze. He is also half-sibling to GALT's Demi and Bernie. Sammy does not appear to be in any pain at all, and runs/walks okay at this time. As he grows, it may become necessary to either fuse the bone, if possible, or even amputate, but GALT's veterinarians agree that is not necessary at this time. Sammy is living with a cat in his foster home.

Sammy is such a sweet puppy. He really takes his job of velcro puppy seriously. He is currently living with 2 cats and an older senior dog; he gets along great with all of his feline and canine friends. He adores toys, and loves to toss them around, though he does need to be told what is or what is not a toy. He responds well to treats (especially cheese), and is completely potty trained. He does have a doggie door, and before he figured out how that worked, he was really good about pushing me with his nose to get my attention so that I could let him out. Sammy would be ok as an only dog, because it's the human interaction that he craves most of all. He does have the leg abnormality and it doesn't slow him up at all. He loves to do zoomies in the yard, and does great on 1 mile or less walk. Sammy's Foster Parents