Doll, fka Dabo Dollalee, is a 1 1/2 year old fawn female born on November 9, 2019. Her sire is Trent Lee and her dam is Deco Electra Jet. She has no races on record in Greyhound data and came to GALT with her brother, Archi. Doll is cat tolerant.

Doll is really liking the home life. She came to me as a flight risk, and managed to almost get out of a thunder leash during her walk at the kennel. I’ve had a GPS tracker on her for that reason. However, after one apprehensive walk in my neighborhood with her housemates, she’s been much more confident and enthusiastic about walks. No more spooking at every little thing. Doll walks fine with a harness (I use the large-size Joyride Harness). Not sure how much I’d trust her with the martingale-only.

She loves being around her human, and gets along greyt with the other dogs. Cats are a non-issue. She still gives them a wide berth when she needs to walk past them, and seems to be warming up to the alpha cat. She’s fine with small dogs, and if it’s a puppy, maybe all the better. She’s got a lot of playfulness in her. One of her housemates is only two, so they enjoy each other’s youthful company. They like to chase the birds and squirrels in the backyard. She’s happy to see her person come home and joyfully greets visitors. Not much of a jumper, though. Such a lovebug!

She hasn’t gotten on furniture here, and seems to like dog beds, especially the beds in the same room as her human. While Doll is fine on tile floors, if there are hardwood floors in the home, she prefers a river of rugs to get around. Her vacation foster also has hardwood floors, so Doll goes from bed-to-bed-to-rug to go out to the back yard. I don’t know how she is with stairs, though I suspect she can be easily taught if carpeted.

She rides well in the car, though she isn’t to the point of jumping into the back of my SUV, yet. She loves the bed back there, so she needs a little coaxing to get out. Thunderstorms aren't too big an issue, nor are screaming cockatoos! Doll gets vocal about food prep and getting ready for walkies! If she sees someone outside the door, she whimpers a little then walks away. Don't expect Doll to be a guard dog!

Doll and her housemates have the run of the house when the people aren't home and she does fine. Doll's ideal home will have other dogs and or cats, plenty of toys for collecting and a carpet river on hardwood floors. If you're looking for a doll of a greyhound - Doll is your girl!

Doll's Foster Mom