Archi, fka Dabo Archilee, is a 2 year old black male born on November 9, 2019. His sire is Trent Lee and his dam is Deco Electra Jet. He has no races on record in Greyhound data and came to GALT with his sister, Doll. Archi should not live with cats.

We call him the giant puppy or Baby Huey, but his real name is Archi and he's not yet two years old. Archi is a big, strikingly beautiful black satin tuxedo boy with a white neck and chest, white feet, and a white-tipped tail. Heads turn when Archi walks down the street! He struts along nicely on the leash and looks forward to his daily long walks around the neighborhood. Car rides are another fun adventure for Archi. He loves looking out the windows, watching the world whiz by.

Archi is still a puppy at heart! Even though he's young, strong, and energetic, Archi has a calm demeanor and very sweet personality. He enjoys affection and returns it with the gentlest little butterfly kisses. He has plenty of youthful energy and he loves zooming around the backyard. He adores playing with his toys and entertains himself even if the humans don't engage in playtime with him. He'll toss his toys high in the air then pounce on them with glee, all while doing air spins. Still, he's very well behaved and has excellent house manners.

Archi shouldn't live with kitties. While he gets along well with other dogs, in his mind, every treat and toy belongs only to him. For this reason, sweet Archi will be happiest living as an only dog.

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