Cash Cash

Cash, aka Commemorative, is a 5-year-old white and fawn male born December 3, 2007. His sire is Fuzzy's Cannon, and his dam is GALT's own Sylvia, aka Sylvania. Cash is full sibling to Phantom. Cash has no racing to his credit on, but a winner he is for sure in the pet arena! Cash was in a home for almost 2 years, but has since returned to GALT due to owner health issues and no fault of his own.

Cash is cat and small dog trainable. He is on the timid side and would do well with another dog for company. He also tends to startle at loud noises.


Cash is a big, goofy boy. He loves food, and toys in that order. He will make a good watch dog, as he barks when someone comes to the door. That is the only time he barks. He is still on the timid side, and likes the safety of his crate.

He takes no notice of animals on our walks, so I'm guessing he will not have a problem with small animals/cats, etc. He is a very smart boy and learned very quickly how to jump into the car for travel to meet and greets.

He only had one accident in the house after we brought him home, and we didn't need to use the belly-band - he potty trained fast! Cash is still blooming personality-wise, as he is a shy boy. He feels more comfortable every day, and I can't wait to see how he continues to evolve. He is a sweet companion, and has eyes that will tug at your heart.

Cash's Original Foster Parents

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