Bullet Bullet

Bullet, aka AZ Bullet, is an almost 3-year-old striking dark brindle male, born November 2000. Bullet's sire is JNJ Satin Prince and his dam is I Am What I Am. His racing career was mostly here in Texas. He has lots of spirit and energy and loves people! He loves to "pogo" for you! Bullet is not small animal or cat tolerant.

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Bullet is a super friendly and people-oriented dog. He will do best as an only dog.

While he will be instant friends with anyone who comes through the door, he absolutely adores the ladies. A single lady probably couldn't ask for a better dog to be her constant companion.

Bullet is a joy to watch play and just loves rubber squeaky toys. He is a big boy and very athletic. He absolutely romps around the yard with his toys. (If you ever want him to take a couple hour nap, just throw a rubber toy around the yard for him for about 15 minutes and he'll be ready to sleep the afternoon away.)

He has the doggy door mastered and loves using one. He behaves very well and after the initial day or two when he has to investigate everything in the house, is generally very calm. He is very happy to greet you when you return home. He had zero accidents in the house and no inclination to climb on the furniture. He also adapts to the household schedule quite quickly.

Bullet is a totally interactive companion pet!

Bullet's Foster Mom
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