Taltos, aka NXS Father Ted, crossed the rainbow bridge due to complications arising from cancer. Taltos was a part of our family for 7 years and was a steady and constant companion. He was quirky. He hated chasing "fake things" - lures and the like (that's probably why he "flunked" out of being a racer). He never liked small children, other than ours. With our children he was completely gentle. True to his stripes, he stayed cat-unsafe and a terror to wandering neighborhood cats until the cancer took away his ability to run. With us, he was always so gentle, so loving, and so steady that all our friends fell in love with him (and through him, the breed). Taltos was a loving, noble, and steady ambassador for Greyhounds in everything he did. He'll be missed.

2007 - We used to work at a place that let us take him in to work with us. He would sleep next to us all through the day and then come home with us.

2007 - This is how I will always remember him.

Christmas 2010 - Right before the cancer. Napping with another dog we were "dogsitting" - we were dogsitting two of these King Charles Spaniels and the female (seen here) was being harassed by the other (a male). She fled to Taltos's kennel for protection and found it in a our gentle giant.

Matt, Jennifer, Virginia, and Morgan Ragan (Lewisville, TX)

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