Ted, aka NXS Father Ted, is a big brindle 2½-year-old male with a stunning white blaze on his chest, and white-tipped feet. Ted was born January 1, 2002. His sire is Mankato and his dam is Sassy Sallie Lee. Ted went through schooling, but was not a competitor at the track, so here he is waiting on his forever family and home.

Ted is not cat tolerant, but gets along well with other dogs of all sizes.

This gentle giant is a friendly self-assured boy who has the best leash manners of any foster I've had. He is engaging to on-comers, but will stay close to your side and watchful. He is dependable in the house and very communicative when it is time to go out. Ted also loves his crate for napping - I leave the crate door open while I'm at home and he can often be found inside snoozing after a romp with my Greyhound.

Ted took to the stairs in my building the first week he arrived and is equally comfortable with the elevator and raised walkways. He likes bones and soft squeaky toys a great deal and can be trusted to select them instead of people items. He has good table manners - meaning he moves away when he figures out people are eating.

Ted is not cat tolerant, but he socializes well with any size dog and is very good with children. The dog park is one of Ted's favorite activities and he really makes the rounds! He is outgoing yet protective and new surroundings do not bother him. When the Cavanaugh Air Museum graciously allowed us to photograph our greys with their planes Ted took the taxiing aircraft and propeller wash in stride and just enjoyed yet another new adventure. No matter how active (or not) a household is Ted will make a great addition to the family. If I had to describe Ted with one word it would have to be gentle since his leash etiquette and hand-feeding manners are so soft.

Ted's Foster Dad
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