My Roxie passed away Sunday. She had been treated for Addison's disease since last summer but, in the last two weeks, apparently developed masses in her chest and was increasingly weaker, hadn't eaten for a week. She was x-rayed and was due for a sonogram Monday but died at noon Sunday I think from a massive heart attack.

She was born June 30, 2003 and I adopted her in June 2005. She was a wonderful, sweet girl, loved her brown dog, Jimmie and her two little fox and JR terriers. She was my constant companion and I will miss her so much. It will be the first time in 13 years that I haven't had a greyhound. I had Annie for 5 years and when I lost her I immediately adopted Roxie. I really thought I would be able to have her for a few more years.

In loving memory of Roxie, Margaret

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