Kay Kay

Kay, aka Kay V. Officer, is a beautiful almost 2-year-old white-and-fawn ticked female born June 30, 2003. Kay's sire is Kiowa Sweet Trey and her dam is Kiowa Day Riley. Kay's racing career indicated she was much better suited as a pet and couch potato than a racer. Her racing career was entirely at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, Texas, starting November 21, 2004 and ending January 20, 2005. Kay is very friendly and affectionate and loves attention! She appears to be small animal tolerant.

Kay is a beautiful and very sweet-natured little girl. Her fawn, black and white face really makes her stand out and she'll melt your heart when she looks at you with her big brown eyes.

Kay does have the potential of counter surfing so it's good to keep an eye on her if she wanders into the kitchen. She's only attempted to swipe something off the table once, but I still keep a close watch on her and tell her 'no' when appropriate.


It hasn't taken long for Kay to figure out the potty system. She has already figured out what the jingle bell that hangs on the patio door is for; her foster doggers have taught her well! She does use the jingle bell when she needs to go outside and has not had any accidents in the house when she's running loose.

Kay still has a little puppy in her when she's on a leash. She tends to hop up and down when she gets excited so it's good to keep an extra tight hold on her lead. When she enters a new environment, she tends to be slightly timid at first, but it doesn't take long for her to warm up to her new surroundings.

She gets along very well with my Greyhound, Walt, and the Whippets, Winter and Scully. She really cracked me up one morning when I looked outside to see her chasing the Whippets around the yard as though they were playing a game of tag; too cute!


Kay's not crazy about her crate, but she can be coerced into going inside with a peanut-butter-filled Kong toy. The only time I ever hear her make a sound is after the dogs are in their crates and I'm out of the house. For just a few moments, she'll let out several barks, but that soon stops as she settles into her crate and sleeps the day away. Other than those few barks, she remains quiet the remainder of the time. She doesn't even make a peep when she's ready to come inside so I have to look for her at the door periodically and when I do, she is always standing patiently at the door. She's generally in her crate around 10 hours a day during the work week and has yet to have an accident.

She definitely loves her food and since I do have three other dogs, I feed them all separately by keeping them inside their crates during chow time. This being the case, I really haven't seen a case of food aggression.


At bedtime, Kay joins the doggers and myself in my bedroom. She likes to share a blanket with Walt on the floor at the foot of my bed or sometimes she'll sleep on the floor alongside the bed so she can be closer to me. The only time she wakes up during the night is when she has to go potty.

Kay loves going for car rides and jumps into the back of my SUV with great ease. She prefers to have the window open so she can stick her nose outside. Since she hasn't been in a home before, she has just recently learned to play after watching the other doggers. She loves little cloth toys that she can really sink her teeth into. She does love attention and will follow me from room to room so she can keep her eye on me.

With her sweet disposition and gorgeous looks, she'll make a terrific pet for her new forever home. It won't take long for her new forever family to see what a little angel she is and how she just wants to be loved. She'll do just fine in a home with children and/or small animals. I don't think it will take very long for her to be adopted!

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