I Bex Cleopatra - "Kiki" Joynt


Kiki, my long-legged, statuesque beauty, with no races to your name
Producing offspring was your unfortunate claim to fame.

Granted freedom from a cage, in your mature years of life
Retirement is where you found peace and an end to the bitter strife.

One day I received a call and your foster mom I became
It wasnt long before I knew, you would soon be sharing my name.

What a precious girl with only love to share
How lucky was I, it truly didn't seem fair.

I called you my Angel, you lived up to it in every way
I was so blessed, so thankful, to be with you each and every day.

I knew our time was limited, adopting you at the ripe age of 11
What a gift it was, you were 14.5, before God called you to heaven.

I'm so sorry Kiki, my Angel, I wasn't with you in the end
I know you were afraid and in pain and for that, my heart will never mend.

You will always be my Angel, just one I can no longer touch
My heart is where you now reside and I miss you so very much.

Oh Kiki, my Angel - spread your wings and fly
In time we will meet again, this certainly isn't goodbye.

Love furever,