Jimbo passed on to the rainbow bridge this morning. He became ill a couple weeks ago and his head tremors suddenly became more frequent and he peaked a fever. We took him to the vet and discovered he had a low platelet and white blood cell count, the vet believed it to be a tick borne disease and we treated for it. However this Wednesday we took him in to get re-checked and his platelet and white blood cell count came back lower and with a-typical cells. By Saturday evening he took a turn for the worse. We made the decision after consulting with the vet that the most likely culprit was a blood cancer and/or underlying auto immune diease, and it was only going to get worse. He died peacefully in our arms this morning surrounded with our love and his brother Spot.

He was good to us for three long years and gave us all his love. We moved to our house in April of this year and we were finally able to give him a yard and doggie door he so longed for. My only wish was that he could have enjoyed it longer. His brother, Spot, stayed with him always and his last two weeks and we were lucky enough to move our schedules around so we did not leave his side. I thank you so much for giving us a dog who was more than a dog but my friend and our family. He was loved by all and by all he was loved. He will always be remembered as our wedding present and baby boy.

Thank you and Sincerely,
Grace and Aaryn Smith and Spot

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