Memorial of Love

She was our Dancin' Tell Jack's mother, and reuniting mother and son was the best thing we ever did. Two years was not long enough with our sweet, dancing, golden girl. We are still grieving, still in mourning. Janie was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. It was very aggressive, very quickly. She began to need more and more of the pain medication - and could only limp, increasingly painfully. Her right shoulder became deformed in less than two weeks. We let her go before she was in agony, and before her shoulder could snap. I buried a large piece of my heart that afternoon. My husband and I will eventually adopt again, not to replace her - but to honor her, by giving another Greyhound in need, a loving home. I will remember forever the lessons she taught me. Janie taught me to really look at the beauty of each sunrise. She taught me that time is too precious to waste. She taught me that we can live a lifetime of love and joy in just two short years. And she taught me to always smile, and be happy. She became a Therapy Dog with Paws 4 Friendship, and was proud and happy to visit the local nursing home with Jackson. Her last visit, before her diagnosis - she seemed especially attentive and loving to everyone. Almost as if she knew just before we did - that she would not return...

Stay gold, my Seegold Jane. Stay gold.

- Nancy and Marty Gazo