Once upon a time I had a foster named Hugh Jackman. When Hugh was adopted his name was changed to Bexar. Bexar went to the Rainbow Bridge the morning of Tuesday, 11/1/2016 and I have a few things I need to let everyone know about that big goofball.

First off, he was HUGE: probably had some lab in him. He was also sweet, gentle & funny. He once escaped from my backyard while I was poop scooping. He body-slammed the gate I had cracked opened when putting the bag of poop on my driveway. I had to chase him next door to my neighbor's front yard while screaming "Hugh Jackman, you get back here!" The neighbors still talk about it.

Then the Clark Family met, feel in love with and adopted him. While doing the home visit I advised that they raise their horizontal blinds. Hugh/Bexar was a very nosy boy and would destroy them when keeping an eye on the neighborhood. They didn't, and so he did: hundreds of dollars' worth of blinds were destroyed. But Meg, Chris and Kyle still loved him. He ate some baseboards at his grandparent's home too, but Bexar was a Forever Clark and they loved him no matter what. I got to take him back to Bexar-sit occasionally and it was like he never left my home: he ate at his usual place, slept wherever he was most in my way, and occasionally let me clip his nails. I will miss his big goofy presence and am mourning his loss as if he were one of my own. I am attaching my favorite photo : Bexar being quintessentially Bexar. Big goofball. I love you.

~ Foster Mom Lisa