Hondo -- f/k/a Watch Your Mouth -- GALT Tag #902

There's something special about your first greyhound; Hondo was our first and he was definitely special. He was the first GALT grey we met, and we instantly knew he was THE one the minute he walked up to us on the sidewalk in front of his foster mom's home. If we could describe him in one word, it would have to be "cool." He truly was one very cool dog. After a stellar racing career, Hondo relished his couch potato status in our home. A year after we adopted him, Mr. "Laid Back" welcomed his boisterous younger sister Julie to the pack. Then came a number of fosters -- all of whom were quite taken by Hondo's nonchalant charm. He got along with everyone, as long as they stayed away from his food bowl at supper time! Despite being VERY picky about his treats, our boy truly loved it when we rewarded him with his favorites -- Greenies, various jerkies and his all-time favorite, pig ears. Hondo loved to be rubbed with Mom's special grooming mitt; it seemed to be an almost erotic experience for him! He also loved to spend time quietly with Pop in his office, especially when a few nibbles of a bologna or ham sandwich were involved. In his golden years, Mr. Hondo had to go out frequently in the middle of the night -- but we never complained because we knew that one day we would miss that 3:00 am wake-up call -- and, of course, now we do. But most of all, we miss Hondo's complete love and devotion to his humans. He was truly one of a kind; there will never be another Hondo.

We love you so much, sweet boy -- and we know you are now running pain free, winning races again!

Mom, Pop and Julie

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