Ginger was the best member of our small family we have ever had! She loved to lean against you and just charm you with those beautiful eyes. If that didn't do the trick, she would use her beautiful snout, place it just under your hand so you would pet her. Most importantly, she loved to be hugged! We couldn't ever dream that she would bring so much into our lives...everyone she met!

We recently moved to a new neighborhood (just a year ago). She became the most popular dog so quickly! The neighborhood adored Ginger; she was so charismatic! She loved all types of people...even kids!!! She was the most gentle with them. Children, adults, even other pets (not cats or squirrels, lol) were all big fans of our Ginger. Again, absolutely the best member of our family we've ever had. We appreciate that she allowed us to be a part of our lives. Our other dog Parker misses her as deeply as we do.

Her "little brother" Parker, a 13-pound Parker, became a real-life play toy! We have a large kitchen, dining area, and living area that the two enjoyed to chase each other. Little Parker would always be the instigator...knowing that his agility was his advantage to Ginger's speed. It didn't take long for Ginger to figure Parker's tricks. It was a joy to see Ginger chase Parker...even funnier to watch them play tug-of-war. Well, we all know who would win that one, but Ginger would actually allow Parker to win once in awhile...but only a few times, because Ginger was Ms. Competitive!

Dienna Sanders