It's very hard for us to let you go, you have always been the best of pets that have lived in our home, and now you must pass on to your next journey across the "Ranbow Bridge". We will miss you very much as we do with all of our other adopted Greyhounds; we have had the honor of opening our home and you joined us in being a part of your "Forever Home".

Art and coins from Greece depict short-haired hounds virtually identical to modern greyhounds, making it fairly certain that the greyhound breed has changed very little since 500 BC. A reason for the lack of change in 2,500 years is that, until very recently, the function of the greyhound has remained the same: to thrill humans with its agility, speed, and intelligence as it chased the wild hare.

Farewell my friend. You will always be remembered and I will think of you often.

Your Adopted Greyhound Parents, Rick and Jean Sullivan

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