Lenny, aka Hotfoot Lenny, is a 2-year-old, dark brindle male. Born on March 11, 2004, Lenny's sire is State of the Art and his dam is Oneco Maggie. Lenny and his brother Lakota share the same name, Hotfoot, and apparently made a pact to 'hotfoot it' away from a racing career as no races are on record for either boy. An outgoing and playful kid, Lenny has learned to get a break from the Texas heat by lounging in his wading pool. He is happily living with a cat in his foster home.

Lenny is a delightful, goofy young greyhound. He's so cute, but doesn't know it. He's been living with 3 other male greys and a female terrier mix and gets along greyt with all of them. He also respects the cat and even shies away from him a little. Lenny has a very intelligent gaze when looking at you. Other times, he's playful and loves to frolic with the squeaky toys or lay around gnawing on a knuckle bone. One of his cutest and most distinctive antics is laying on his back writhing around for a good scratch on the carpet and kicking his feet in the air. Yes, greys are known for "cockroaching" when comfortable and sleeping, but Lenny makes it a highly active play event.

Lenny can be a little shy when getting to know him, and sometimes seems stand-offish at meet and greets, but he's not at all "spooky." He's right there with the rest of the gang when company comes over to his foster home, but seems to submit and allow the older dogs to compete for attention. He likes being in the same room with his human and will follow you around the house, as is typical of greyhounds. Also, like most greys, Lenny loves his ears rubbed and all the usual affection we show our dogs. Come meet this adorable, goofy little guy, and let him gaze into your eyes and steal your heart.

Lenny's Foster Mom
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