Chevonne, aka Chevonne Winn, GALT #2852
After Landry and Annie died we decided we'd just foster from then on and not have any more dogs of our own. Then this charming, loving, toy crazy girl came to us as a foster in July '19. Chevonne was 7 years old and had lost all her teeth except her four canines. We learned that she'd been a kennel favorite. Debi and all the kennel volunteers were madly in love with her. She quickly grew on us and before we knew it she'd stolen our hearts too. In Oct., when we heard she was going to NM to be adopted, we felt bad but didn't have much time to think about it. She was only gone a day when we realized we missed her terribly and had made a huge mistake. I let Julie and Diane know that if her adoption fell through, or if she ever bounced, that we wanted to make her ours. We thought we'd lost her but in Dec. our dream came true. Her adoption didn't work out and she was again available. Tim drove to Amarillo to meet Todd and brought her home. We signed her adoption papers on New Year's Eve 2019 and she became our very own. It broke our hearts to lose her in July. She was a one-of-a-kind greyhound girl who stole the hearts of everyone she met. Debi hung a beautiful butterfly with her name on it in the Memorial Garden at Houn' House in her honor. Chevonne may have left us, but she'll never be forgotten.

Beloved and cherished by Bev and Tim Doan

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