Chevonne, aka Chevonne Winn, is a 7 year old black female born July 4, 2012. Her sire is It's a Reality, and her dam is Delicatessen. Chevonne has 107 races on record in Florida from 2014 to 2016. Her home should not include cats or small dogs. This Fourth of July beauty is waiting for you!

Chevonne is a sleek, shiny black girl with a sprinkling of sugar on her pretty little head. She’s a sweet, happy girl, who is loving and very affectionate. Loud noises startle her though she recovers quickly. Although she doesn’t need crating, she does like being in her crate sometimes and we rarely close the door.

She loves, loves, LOVES her toys. She’ll diligently take each toy from the basket and stack every one on her bed. She joyfully squeaks them, tosses them, and pounces on them but she's never destructive. Chevonne likes to show off her professional skills and zooms around the backyard with wild abandon.

She has had no problems being left alone with another dog. We haven’t yet tried her entirely by herself yet, though I’m pretty sure she’ll have no problem with it. When we come home after leaving them alone for several hours they are both typically sound asleep. She’s fully housebroken. All of her teeth are gone except for her four canines; kibble mixed with plenty of water and canned food makes mealtime one of her biggest pleasures. She enjoys soft treats and looks forward to 'cookie time' every evening.

Chevonne loves her morning walks and walks very well on lead. She does well in the car too. Overall she’s a beautiful girl, full of fun and energy. Chevonne’s very successful racing days are behind her, and this pretty baby is ready for her next chapter to begin as someone's beloved pet in a home without cats or small dogs.

Chevonne's Foster Parents

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