Carbo, the Magnificent, aka Hungarian Boogie


My husband, John, and I met Carbo at a Meet and Greet at the Bass Pro Shop. We went there to see another Greyhound – Brooke. The volunteer who was to bring Brooke had car trouble and couldn't make it. I was disappointed, but my attention was suddenly directed to a big beautiful, dark brindle Greyhound with golden eyes who marched through the door. He walked up to me and leaned against my leg. I was a goner and have never looked back.

John and I are empty nesters, and had no other animals "in residence" at the time we got Carbo. He's thrilled to be an only dog, and adjusted quickly. John's retired and they have become best buddies, going for walks and hanging out together. He is poetry in motion when he's racing around the backyard. He's a power napper, and sometimes has trouble deciding which bed he wants to use; it's just so hard to choose between two dog beds in different rooms, the master bed or the guest bed. So many beds, so little time.

When we open the back door to let him out, he always walks out on our right side. If you stand so that he's on your left side, he'll walk around you to get to your right side. Out on the right – back in on the left. John taught him to ask for his "cookies" and he'll stand right in front of John, staring at him with those incredible eyes and softly "woof" for his cookies. Carbo loves routine and has gotten good at anticipating what's supposed to happen next.

We can't imagine these last few years without our big beautiful boy. He's affectionate, gentle with little children, eager to please and a perfect companion. When he and I are smooching, he looks so lovingly into my eyes, eyes that are full of trust and complete acceptance of me, just the way I am. We are delighted with him and with the professionalism of all the people at GALT. We love our boy to pieces and thank you for saving him just for us.

Judith and John Austin