Belle's owner passed away in August and although other family members loved her they couldn't bring her home with them. For awhile she had a feline friend living with her in the backyard but then he left too. Belle was alone except for the visits to feed her. Months went by and then Belle stopped eating. She lost weight, alot of weight. The family contacted GALT and asked for help. Belle was picked up and taken to Animal Medical Center in Amarillo for a check up. Labwork was not good. Belle more than likely had liver cancer. We brought Belle home, introduced her to her 10 packmates, she would never be alone again. We cooked chicken for Belle but she would only pick at it. She couldn't keep anything down. She enjoyed brief sunny walks around her new property but always returned to her slumberball that she picked out. I will put Belle's slumberball in the van today to make her comfortable for her last trip to our vet. We picked her up only 7 days ago and she immediately had a place in our hearts and home. Belle was a good girl, a very good girl. Thank you GALT for stepping up for this girl and allowing us to love her.

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