Ares, fka Show Boat aka Shadow, GALT #1313

May 26, 2005 to January 22, 2019
Beloved and cherished by Jennel and Cameron Fairchild

Jennel and I named him Ares when we adopted him. As it turns out, the name didn't fit him at all. Neither did his racing name, Show Boat. Ares was gentle, shy, and sweet. He should have been named Cuddlebug, or Muffin, or something like that. His foster mommy and daddy, Louise and Paul, had the best name for him: Shadow. He just wanted to stick to your side, be with his people all the time, and snuggle. He loved going to Half Price Books, because he thought it was The Petting Store.

We didn't "domesticate" dogs by somehow taming the species. Doggies chose to be domesticated, because they really love us, and enjoy being our friends. Best friends.

I wish I could have been as good a friend to Ares, as he's been to me.