Bono, racing name, Killough Aldo, is a 3 year old black male born in June of 2014. He, along with Blackie, are the latest additions to the GALT family to join us from Ireland. His sire is Barefoot James and his dam is Ballymac Miriam. He has 3 races on record. It is not believed at this time that Bono will be small animal or cat tolerant. Bono would do best in a home with previous greyhound/sighthound experience.

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Bono is a sweet, easy going guy. He will follow us around the house, preferring to sleep in whatever room a person is in. Bono's hobbies include shaking and squeaking toys and chasing balls in the yard. He has learned to play fetch and will bring the ball back to be thrown again several times in a row. Bono walks very well on a leash and is always happy for a walk. He rides well in the car and enjoys outings, although he still needs a boost to get into the car. He has been known to counter surf, but a firm no is all it takes to get him to stop. He also has a tendency to steal small objects (coasters, magazines, shoes) if you aren't paying attention, but is generally not destructive with them. He has gotten along well with another greyhound, but is so people oriented that he probably would also be ok as an only dog, so long as he gets plenty of attention from his people. He crates well and has no problem sleeping in the crate at night and when we are out. Bono's ideal home should have a yard, plenty of toys, people to play with and no kitties or small dogs please.

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