Blackie, racing name, Arderin Paul, is a 5 year old black male born in January of 2012. He, along with Bono, are the latest additions to the GALT family to join us from Ireland. His sire is Kilmoney Paul and his dam is Lisa Maise. He has 44 races on record. It is not believed at this time that Blackie will be small animal or cat tolerant. Blackie would do best in a home with previous greyhound/sighthound experience.

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Blackie hails from Ireland, but he has settled in nicely to home life in Texas. He LOVES attention and is my shadow at every turn (yes that includes the restroom stop). He enjoys playing with stuffed toys, being goofy at every turn and roaching is his favorite pastime. He will chase a tennis ball outside and he “thinks” about bringing it back to me, but loses interest pretty fast. He likes his grey-cousins just fine and the revolving doors of visitors (humans and greys). Blackie never meets a stranger, he loves his neck and bottom rubs the best. He’s a squirrel and rabbit chaser outside and comes very close to catching them; Blackie should not live with no small dogs or cats. His ideal home should have a yard, another greyhound, plenty of comfortable dogs beds, toys and people to love.

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