Becca is a cute black female born approximately April 1, 2009. Since her mom, Katie Anne, was a known stray for at least 8 months, the likelihood of Becca being a lurcher is about 99.9%! However, all the pups look similar to GALT’s previous puppies at this age.

The girls are growing, growing, growing and are cute, cute, cute! Abby and Becca are being fostered in the same home and, as you can see, they are buddies.

My name is Becca, and I am a lovely little lady with a beautiful, sleek, black, shiny coat. I am super smart (at least smarter than some of my siblings). I have pretty much learned not to tinkle in the house; I just have to go outside often. I generally have a calm demeanor but I love to play, and my sister can get me into trouble that I do end up enjoying! I love toys, tennis balls, chews, and eating! I am very food motivated. I enjoy playing with my sister and several other dogs in my foster home. I would LOVE to have a canine companion in my future home but not essential. I am a really good girl that needs a home of my very own!

Becca's Foster Mom
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