Abby is a cute fawn female with a black muzzle born approximately April 1, 2009. Since her mom, Katie Anne, was a known stray for at least 8 months, the likelihood of Abby being a lurcher is about 99.9%! However, all the pups look similar to GALT’s previous puppies at this age.

The girls are growing, growing, growing and are cute, cute, cute! Abby and Becca are being fostered in the same home and, as you can see, they are buddies.

Abby is such a take-charge puppy, she decided to do her own write-up:

Well, am I cute or WHAT? You betcha! I am a very confident girl – almost six months old now! -- with oodles of self-esteem. My foster mom has a heart of gold – and lots of other doggies around – but I like to think I run things around here. Time to eat? I’m the first in line. Time to play? Nobody can catch ME in Mom’s greyt BIG back yard. Time to nap? Well ... somebody else can be first in THAT department...

I’m so happy that my sister, Marla, is here with me right now. I just love to chase her and wrestle/roll in the grass with her. We love to race each other when playing fetch with Mom. Our other foster siblings just can’t keep up with us! Some people think we are identical twins, but I’m a darker red – and I’m obviously much prettier, sweeter and smarter. (Hey, she can say what she wants in HER own write-up!) I love treats and will always sit up for them. I am really getting the hang of this house-training thing – mainly because treats are also involved for that! As you can tell, I am a little food-motivated... Sometimes that gets me in trouble, though. Mom doesn’t like it when I counter surf, so she is really working hard to break me of that habit. She also doesn’t like it when I jump up on people, but I’m a PUPPY, for goodness sakes – and I get really excited when I see new people.

Mom says I ride well in her car, and I just love it when she takes me on errands or to Meet-and-Greets. She says I still need some work on leash training, but I’m getting better every day.  I follow Mom around the house all day long, because it’s my job to make sure that she’s getting all her work done. (I TOLD you I was the boss around here!) Mom calls me her Mischievous Little Leaner, because I’m always looking for action and I just love pushing up against her legs. I’m curious about so many things, always checking out new stuff in the house and sniffing around new people and animals we meet. I respect boundaries, however. I know the meaning of “NO” – whether the message comes from a human or another dog.

I don’t mind spending time in my crate during the day when necessary, and I sleep well all through the night. Sometime I play hide-and-seek with Mom when she’s trying to put me in the crate, but that’s just because I love to mess with her! I like to “talk” a lot, but Mom is teaching me that not all dogs and humans are that interested in hearing what I have to say.

I don’t discriminate at all.  I like ALL dogs, big or small, because I’m always looking for a new playmate.  I spent a couple of days in a home with cats the other day, and I’m learning to get along with them also – but they’re not as much fun as my canine friends.

I am very affectionate and love to sit in Mom’s lap. Unfortunately, I’m still growing, so I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do that. Do you have a GIANT lap that’s big enough for ME? Will you allow me to share all this love with YOU?

Abby's foster mom
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