Barbie, aka Canadian Barbara, is a 2½-year-old dark brindle female with white markings on her legs, tail and face, born September 2, 2002. Barbie's sire is Canadian Snow and her dam is Bravada. She was picked up by the Fort Worth Animal Control as a stray and came into GALT's program on Thursday, April 26, 2005.


Just looking at her breaks your heart. She has a huge will to live, and her condition is very similar to Apple's, except that she probably has 5 pounds on Apple...which is not much - considering. Barbie is very anemic from parasite infestation, has Sarcoptic mange, and is severely underweight - her coat is fuzzy and wiry so it is difficult to see how thin she is. She is also positive to Ehrlichia and Babesia. Treatment will start for these tick diseases once she is stabilized. There is no racing history shown on, so it is difficult to track Barbie's history and determine how she ended up as a stray.

Barbie Barbie

Update 5/20/05


Barbie is the perfect name for this little girl because she is an absolute DOLL! She is still extremely shy and needs coaxing to come out of her crate, but she is gaining some trust and confidence little by little. She has a good appetite and has had no accidents in the house, but she does prefer her crate and spends most of her time there by choice. She does her business outside and then immediately wants to come back inside... almost afraid she'll be left outside alone again. So she gets lots of TLC and tiny special treats to help build her up. Spoiled?! Her?! Duh, YEAH!  :)

Her skin and coat are improving and she is gaining weight. Her bloodwork is stabilizing and she has started undergoing treatment for her tick-borne diseases. She now trots around the yard, even throwing in a buck and a frolic now and then! There is some spunk in this little gal, and no doubt it will come bubbling over as she continues to improve and feel better. She ventures farther from me, often strolling the fence with my dogs. Barbie seems to love other big hounds and is an easy-going girl. At this time, I don't know how she would respond to cats or small dogs. She is still so shy I have not had her around children, but she will slowly accept other dog-savvy adults.


Once again, I am amazed by the forgiving attitude these Greys have after all they've been through. Barbie continues to wag that little brindle and white tail and smile with her eyes. She even exhibits that famous Greyhound smile we talk about. I can tell that there is an ocean of love inside her that's just begging to wash over everyone. Once her skin finishes healing and her new coat comes in, this diminutive girl will undoubtedly be as beautiful and unique on the outside, as she already is on the inside!


Update 7/12/05

Barbie continues to improve with her physical appearance, and her CBC is showing improvement also. The most wonderful news of all is that she is being adopted by her foster mom!

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