A Third FWAC Seizure - 4 Greyhounds Rescued

Trudy & Milo have come to GALT via the latest Fort Worth Animal Control & Care seizure on June 30, 2011. An observant government employee noticed something amiss at a vacant lot, and upon further investigation, found 4 greyhounds in makeshift enclosures and called FWACC. FWACC cruelty investigators found 2 female and 2 male greyhounds, as well as a pit bull on a different part of the property.

FWACC was able to release the hounds into GALT's care due to the city of Fort Worth drafting a temporary custody agreement with GALT to circumvent the 72 hour hold rule, allowing for the release of seized hounds. GALT thanks the City of Fort Worth and FWAC for their call to GALT in this matter. Once again, Greyhounds Unlimited (GU), responded to GALT's call for help. GALT & GU took 2 hounds each.

This third seizure within one year of the first seizure of 28 dogs on July 8, 2010, and the second of August 11, 2010, has occurred within the same zip code of 76105 in Ft. Worth. GALT has requested an official investigation into these seizures to be conducted by the Ft. Worth Animal Control.

Below are a few pictures of the conditions these greyhounds were living in:

Please help GALT provide the utmost care to Trudy & Milo. Both were tick-infested and are very underweight. We are still awaiting the results of Protatek tests regarding tick-borne diseases, but at this time both are heartworm negative. Their skin is in very bad shape; Milo's was coming off in sheets during his bath. Further medical evaluation is underway at this time.

Donations would be most welcome.

GALT thanks you in advance for your ongoing support as we undertake our mission to never turn away a hound in need.