Another FWAC Seizure - 11 Greyhounds Rescued

On August 10, 2010, GALT forwarded information received that day regarding an address in Fort Worth that was reported to have greyhounds in the back yard. Wednesday, August 11, FWAC Cruelty Investigators went to the address and found 11 greyhounds (4 tattooed, 1 untattooed, 2 greyhound/salukis and 4 puppies). They were turned over to FWAC and picked up by GALT on Thursday, August 12. Greyhounds Unlimited took three of the greyhounds and two of the puppies. It's A Grey Area contacted GALT to take one of the greyhound/salukis. GALT's greys, Jitterbug, Sweet Pea and Red are in foster homes and being monitored very carefully, as well as the other 2 puppies.

UPDATE: June 19, 2011

FWAC Cruelty Investigators received a complaint Friday morning, June 17, 2011, regarding the same address as the August 11th seizure and acted immediately. When they arrived at the residence, an emaciated, scared, flea and tick infested white/fawn female was found. GALT was called and now Stephie is in our care. It is our understanding that charges against the alleged perpetrator of the August 11, 2010, seizure have not been filed. Detailed documentation was turned over by Ft. Worth Animal Cruelty Investigators to the Ft. Worth Police Department months ago.

Questions about this case can be addressed to Ft. Worth Police Captain Billy Cordell or Detective Brian Clouse at 817-392-3900. The original file is PD report #10-85173 for the year 2010.

UPDATE: June 21, 2011

Detective Brian Clouse inherited this case when a previous Detective transferred out of the unit. He completed his part of the investigation several months ago and immediately wrote a warrant. The arrest warrant for the dog's owner was filed in March. Detective Clouse has contacted the Fugitive team to arrest the suspect as soon as possible. No charges can be filed until the suspect is in custody, therefore until that time the matter is out of Detective Clouse's hands. Many thanks to Detective Clouse for issuing the warrant, and for providing the correction to the status of the case.

UPDATE: June 24, 2011

Received via email from Detective Brian Clouse:
"Just to let you know. This guy has been arrested, case filed, and the District Attorney has accepted it."