Dallas Boat Show

July 21, 22, 28 & 29, 2007

Again, GALT volunteers (and Greyhounds) saw lots of cool boats, and Boat Show patrons saw lots of cool GALT Greyhounds (and a few boats, too) during the last two weekends of July. GALT had its own corner and, as usual, many people were surprised to see dogs at the Boat Show. The children in particular quickly lost interest in looking at boats and only wanted to pet dogs.

GALT was pleased to have new volunteers (Britany Karger and Angie Boliver) and new fosters (Anne Brown, Gail Bond). The Boat Show is a greyt way to get started. Unfortunately, Vixen wasn't as excited to be there as some of the other dogs, but she did all right for her first time. And then there was Barry, who only wanted to lie on his blanket and snooze. (Is he OK? Is he breathing?) Hayden ran a close second and picked the concrete for his nap place.

The public was fortunate to see approximately twenty GALT Greyhounds each weekend. Thanks to all the volunteers who took their time, some both weekends, to participate again this time. We'll see you at the Winter Boat Show.