Sparky's Story

June 11, 2003

by Mark and Becki Denetz

Since adopting Sparky on January 25, 2003 we have had a blast and can't imagine life without him. He is the sweetest dog!!! We really get a kick out of the things he does. He gets along wonderfully with our whippets (Eddie and Toby), my brother's Shibu Inu (Lucky), and my parents' yellow lab (Tank).

Sparky finally understands the "play" thing and will actually bring toys back to us. His favorite toys are the smiley-face soccer ball, the "fuzzy" ball (which he and Eddie run around the yard holding onto together), and the glow-in-the-dark ball. Mark taught him how to "say something" when he wants us to throw a toy. When we charge the glow-in-the-dark ball under the porch light, Sparky "says something" the whole time---he's not a very patient boy!!!

We used to think Eddie was fast...that is, until we saw Sparky at full tilt. His acceleration is breathtaking, and when he runs by he sounds like a horse. It's really fun to watch Eddie and Toby chase him around the backyard. They can't quite keep up with him, but when they do get close, Sparky just does a little move and leaves them in the dust. He loves his big backyard!!!!!!

Sparky loves to collect things. When we come home from work we find shoes, slippers, and stuffed animals in our bedroom. He doesn't chew or destroy them; he just collects them. Recently, though, we did come home to a houseful of shredded toilet paper. It was hilarious! And, on occasion, he does like to dress up.

We've noticed his hair is getting fuller and longer. The hair on his neck looks like those lizards that can fan their neck out, the hair around his mouth is long enough to make a handlebar mustache, and the hair on the back of his hind legs is hysterical -- from behind he looks like he's wearing bloomers!!

His tongue is another topic of amusement. Sometimes when he wakes up, his tongue is hanging out of the side of his mouth like a piece of bacon. That really gets us laughing. One of these days we'll get a picture of it, but it never fails that just when we're about to snap a picture the tongue disappears.

Sparky is a great rider, and he'll be going on his first road trip with us on June 27 to Wisconsin. We already have the mini-van reserved so the three boys will have enough room. I'm sure it will be an adventure!!!!! We LOVE our fur children!