Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Ricardo

Ricardo, one of GALT's galgos, wrote to us recently with this update. "I am doing well. I've been in my forever home since the day I got off the plane from Spain. My papa says I'm a "big pain in the neck" and always have been since the day he brought me home from the airport, but my momma loves me to death. I have three sisters and two brothers with me now and two brothers and one very special sister (Sea Shell) who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I never knew one of my brothers at the Bridge, but they tell me he (Max) was a handsome devil. Anyway, I have plenty of soft beds to sleep in and two squares a day plus plenty of goodies. I am loved very much by my entire family, and I couldn't be happier unless of course, we win the lottery. Then papa says he would build me my own house in the backyard where momma can visit me anytime she likes. My papa is so funny. Where does he get this stuff?" Sounds like a perfect match to us!