Zuki, aka JIT Buzzooka, is a beautiful brindle 7 1/2-year-old female, born August 5, 1997. Her sire is Blendway and her dam is Booster Club. Her racing days were all spent here in Texas at the Corpus Christi track. She was quite a competitor with her career consisting of 100 races beginning July 11, 1999 and ending July 27, 2001. Zuki was heartworm positive when she arrived at GALT, but has received treatment and is now heartworm negative! Hurrah! Zuki is a sweet, loving greyhound, who just wants to "be"with you. It is not known at this time if Zuki is small animal or cat tolerant.

Zuki is a petite and dainty lady with a big heart. When she first came to my house she tried so hard to prove that she wasn't afraid of her new surroundings that she waltzed right in and took over my dog's bed and toys. But I knew from the look in those big, pretty doe-like eyes that all she wanted was to be loved and accepted. She is so eager for attention - she always wants (and gets) to be petted first when I come home and looks crushed whenever she is reprimanded.

She has been working hard on her "house" manners and is a quick learner. She still has had a little trouble distinguishing her toys from mine (she still likes to steal the throw pillows) but that is because she loves toys so much. She has worn out the squeaker on several stuffed toys. She is housebroken, is great on a leash, loves her daily walks and knows no stranger. She greets everyone with a lick and a wagging tail. She can't wait to get adopted!

Zuke sees her crate as a security blanket. A simple "kennel up" command sends her right in. When she first arrived she voluntarily put herself to bed in the crate each night but has since moved her sleeping spot to beside my bed. I have to be particularly careful if I get up at night because she likes to sleep cockroached and takes up quite a bit of floor space. The sight of her on her back with her head and legs going in all directions certainly belies her "dainty" image but is nonetheless endearing because she looks so trusting and vulnerable (as well as comfortable) in that position.

Zuki will always be special to me because she is my first foster dog. But if they all are half as sweet and loving as this girl is then I know she won't be my last.

Zuki's foster family
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