Ziggy, fka RJ’s Ziggy, is a 3 1/2 year old white with brindle female born December 13, 2017. Her sire is Soprano Drive and her dam is RJ’s Coulda. Ziggy ran 39 races according to Grey-hound Data. She will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Ziggy (aka Ziggy Boo) is one of the happiest and smartest greyhounds we've ever had in our home. Ziggy is always smiling and her tail is always wagging. She seems to understand what we say to her and she knows her name. She is absolutely adorable and extremely photogenic.

She made herself at home with our 2 greyhounds sharing beds, toys and treats. Ziggy had a lot of energy when we first got her and she quickly learned the life of a retired racing greyhound. Now she sleeps a lot during the day, though not as much as most greyhounds. She's still a very active dog for an almost 4 year old.

Ziggy loves to go on walks and is a very fast walker and might even do well with someone that wants to jog with her. She does great on a leash and be aware….she has a very high prey drive so be ready for her to pull if she sees a squirrel or cat.

Ziggy sleeps through the night and will greet you early in the morning with her head on the side of the bed. She likes to eat as soon as she wakes up and is vocal until she gets to eat. This girl likes to eat! Ziggy has never had a potty accident since being in our home. She goes out to the bathroom often, likely because she's a healthy eater and enjoys her treats. She's very vocal (in a cute way) when she needs to go out to potty or she will walk back & forth quickly to get your attention.

Her roaches are the cutest we've ever seen, she hangs her hands in front of her chest in the most adorable way. She is very attached to her people and always wants to be with you. The first few times we left her in a crate we put a camera on her and she cried most of the time we were gone. We recently started leaving her uncrated and this seems to work best. Ziggy enjoys having other dogs around to keep her company while we are away, so we feel she would do best in a home with another dog. So far the longest we have left her is 2 hours and we are working on increasing this time little by little. She has some separation anxiety that we feel is slowly getting better.

Ziggy's a counter surfer in a curious way - she just wants to know what you're doing in the kitchen or bathroom. She's a tall girl so we think she just enjoys being on our same level. She responds very well when we tell her to get down.

Ziggy enjoys stuffies and is obsessed with any kind of squeaky ball. She spends a lot of backyard time looking up in the trees for squirrels. This girl would stay outside all day if we let her!

Ziggy has been so much fun to have in our home and we are going to miss her. Other fun facts about Ziggy: she loves when you cuddle with her on the dog bed, she has white eyelashes, she has never been on the furniture, she rides well in the car - she immediately sits down, she's not afraid of storms or any other loud noises she's experienced so far. She darts very quickly out the door so she probably wouldn't do well in a home with small kids opening doors, she loves running in the sprinkler when it's on and if you're watering plants she likes to get wet, so she may enjoy a house with a backyard pool or a kiddie pool all her own.

Ziggy’s ideal home would be an active one with a yard and people to play a rousing game of fetch on a daily basis. Because she's vocal, apartment life would not suit her. She is an Alpha girl and best to be with a pack in need of a leader. Because of her high prey drive, Ziggy should not live with small dogs or cats.

Ziggy's Foster Parents