Zapato, aka Zapato Grande, is a gorgeous, dark brindle, 9½-year-old female born April 26, 2000. Her sire is Oswald Cobblepot, and her dam is Granny. Zapato’s racing career was 2 short races in March 2002 at Naples-Ft. Myers, FL. From there she was a brood, producing 6 registered greyhound pups on August 19, 2002, with Flying Penske, and again only one registered pup on August 19, 2003, (yes those dates are verified with the NGA – same date, one year apart!), with again the same sire. Zapato was brought into GALT’s family with a closing of a greyhound farm in south Texas. This girl may be a senior, but she has the spunk and looks of a much, much younger grey. Zapato is not cat tolerant, and she has not been tested with small animals at this time.

Zapato is a lovely, mature, extremely happy lady who has never met a stranger! She is especially drawn to children, and has developed a crush on the 11 year old son of a friend of her foster mom. The feeling is mutual; the two are quite adorable together. Too bad her little boyfriend isn't allowed to have any more dogs, or she'd have already been adopted!

Zapato (or "Happy Zappy" as she is called) is a huge tail wagger and at times will give you the biggest, best smile! She is not at all dominant, preferring to wait until the other dogs have been fed or given treats. She loves to lie outside in the sun or inside on a dog bed, just relaxing.

Zapato loves a routine, and will fit instantly into a household as a first greyhound, or as an addition to your current greyhound family. She is very low maintenance; has had no accidents in the house, and learned the dog door instantly. She will bark at those pesky squirrels and the occasional cat, and her bark is LOUD! But she is a gentle, easy-going girl who soaks up love like a sponge.

Zapato tends to enjoy the Meet and Greets so much that she doesn't like to leave once they're over! Come see her and bring some kids! She'll charm everyone.

Zapato's Foster Mom
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