Zac, aka Zacarius, is a handsome, 5-year-old red male born October 5, 2003. His sire is BL’s Hero and his dam is Keeper Trujewel. Zac’s career consists of 114 races, starting May 14, 2005 at Dubuque in Iowa, moving to the Woodlands in Kansas, on to Dairyland in Wisconsin and finally finishing at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX on December 3, 2008. That is quite a career during which he was a Grade A racer! It’s time for Zac to find his forever home and couch!

Zac and Molly - no go: Zac was calmly interested and also calmly watchful and waiting for any movement, then the pounce. He also would not back off when Molly was swatting him across the muzzle. Zac is not cat trainable. What a sweet and loving boy! Maybe he will be more tolerant of small dogs.

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