Yeager is an approximately two year old multi colored fuzzy mix. He and Chuck were captured together in Wharton County on December 15, 2020. Theirs was a dramatic rescue, in that Chuck was trapped first. It took Yeager a little time to warm up to "Clark, the rescuer ", but thanks to Chuck being close to Clark, it was not long before Yeager joined both of them. These boys are among any mixes that have been captured in the same area over this past year. They certainly could be siblings, as the age of each is estimated the same.

Yeager could take over the social media with his face any day and fill the void that Grumpy Cat left! You might feel judged, that your service doesn’t meet his standards or that he’d really like to talk to the manager, but the truth is that his personality is the total opposite, thank goodness! He's a very playful, loving, and happy little boy! He loves having other dogs around and enjoys sunbathing and hanging out in the backyard with his friends. He can be a little timid in new places and meeting new people, though he warms up quickly and loves receiving pets! He likes going for walks and has pretty good leash manners, however nothing beats playtime with his friends! He has hurt his toe in the past so he has a cute little hop in his walk that does not slow him down a bit!

He has excellent house manners and does not need a crate when left alone. Yeager does not like to go voluntarily into a crate, he’ll stay calm there - he will always prefer a dog bed over a crate. He’s afraid of thunder so when it's storming, he wants to be close to you or stay in a walk-in closet or similar “safe place”. It's not unusual that he’ll even jump in bed with you in the middle of the night if a thunderstorm rolls over, otherwise he’ll never jump in the bed.

Yeager’s fairly active as he’s a young boy and he does know how to relax. If there’s nothing happening in the front or backyard, he’ll be napping on one of the dog beds. He can get vocal when he wants to play and is happy to reply to your neighbors barking dog. If it gets to be too much you just call him back inside and he’ll be by your side in no time.

He might have not had the best start to his life, yet he most definitely deserves all the happiness his little heart desires going forward! He’s ready to settle down with his own family, with other dogs and a house with a yard so you can adore his famous grumpy face every day!

Yeager's Foster Family

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