Witchy, aka Whirling Witchy, is a 2 year old black female born September 27, 2018. Her sire is Tip Top and her dam is Whirlin Toodlelu. Witchy was in schooling when she fractured her right rear central tarsal bone bone. Surgery was performed on Wednesday, July 1, by Dr. Bob Radasch of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. An external fixator was placed, and now over 3 months later, she is ready to find her forever home. Withcy is small dog tolerant but it is not known if she is small animal or cat tolerant at this time.

Witchy, aka Witchy Woman, aka Witchy Poo, is a SFF (single furry female) seeking LHM (loving human master) for walks around the block, treats of any kind, belly rubs and plenty of stuffy toys to play with. Her human must be willing to sew stuffies back together or continuously buy her new ones. This 2 year-old stunner has perfect home and potty manners.

She was a racer in training and took the "fast track" to GALT due to a broken leg. Her fixator was removed September 10th and she is working on strengthening her leg with walks, running in the backyard and playing with toys. She is healed now and looking for her forever couch.

Witchy is crated for 4 hours a day and easily goes in her crate with the help of a treat for motivation. She currently resides in her foster home with two Italian greyhounds, one greyhound and two human boys. She is an excellent squirrel hunter and will pull you in their direction on walks and chase them from your yard.

Witchy loves everyone she encounters and is super excited to see her humans when they arrive home. She will sing the song of her people if another dog starts the tune, she is not a solo artist. An active home with people to love and dogs of any size to play with are all that's needed to make Witchy's life complete. Are you ready to adopt this spooktacular girl?

Witchy's Foster Family

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