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Wise Guy is a 12-month-old, light fawn male born May 1, 2009. His sire is Flying Hydrogen, and his dam is Oneco Audra. Wise Guy is one of a litter of 10 pups, 5 males and 5 females, and none have been individually registered. Wise Guy suffered a debilitating injury when he was only four months old, when his left front leg was caught under a fence. The ligament in his forearm was severely torn, and nothing was done at the time to repair the ligament. Upon arrival to GALT’s family, an x-ray showed no injury to the bone, just the previous soft tissue damage. At this time, there is nothing that can be done. This is a condition he will live with for the rest of his life. He does not appear to be in any pain at all, but he will hold the leg up from time to time and sometimes when he is running. Wise Guy’s coat at this time is fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy! Once he blows all this hair, this will be one stunning boy! Wise Guy is cat trainable and has not been tested with small animals yet.

Wise Guy

Wise Guy is a very sweet little boy! He loves to play with toys, especially the stuffed ones that squeak. He will toss his toys in the air, and then pounce on them. He doesn’t favor his leg much, and the only time that I see it affect him at all is when he does his signature “skip-pounce” move when playing with his toys.

He is very affectionate, and is quite the leaner. He has perfected the lean-walk, and he can keep leaning on you while you are walking around the house. With his longer blond hair, and his overall love of his human friends, he is like a golden retriever stuck in a greyhound’s body. He is very well mannered, and hasn’t had any potty mistakes in the house. When he is tired, you will know it, since he will just flop down anywhere that he is, and lay down right then and there with a loud “thud”.

Wise Guy is a joy to have in our home, and he has never met a stranger - canine, feline or human. He just loves to hang out with all of his new friends. Wise Guy is a greyt dog, and he will bring sheer joy to whoever is lucky enough to be his forever family!

Wise Guy's Foster Parents


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