Windy Windy

Windy, aka Brazo Wind Dancer, is a 6½-year-old beautiful dark brindle girl, born February 1997. Her racing days seem to have all been here in Texas. Windy has been in a home with older children and did well with them. Windy tested positive to Ehrlichia, and is just finishing up the last round of meds for her treatment. She is very friendly and outgoing and loves to be with people. Windy is not cat tolerant, but is tolerant of other small animals.


Windy is the cutest little girl whose favorite thing is to play with toys, preferably those that squeak... but tennis balls will do in a pinch. She fetches like a retriever, eagerly awaiting the next toss of the toy or ball. She will run tirelessly around the yard, until the water bowl becomes too much of a temptation. But, she will not go in the house without her toy.

She is a packrat, but she collects her toys the opposite way of Tony (our other grey) instead of bringing them back to her bed in the house, she will pick up her toys and take them out through the doggie door, so she can run and play with them. It is hilarious when she is out in the backyard playing by herself, by throwing her toys up in the air - at the same time as she is flipping from side to side, legs straight up in the air. (I've tried to catch a photo of this show, but haven't been able to yet.)


Going for walks might tie for a favorite activity. Her long tail goes crazy when there is even a remote chance that we are on our way out. She is a good walker, and likes to sniff quite a bit. She will watch squirrels and cats with great interest, but no pulling. This is a definite highlight of the day. The funniest is when she leads us to the door, if we break the habit of walking right after breakfast. She knows it is time.

She has never ever had an accident and is very good at taking care of business. She learned to go in and out of the doggie door after some initial hesitation. But not being able to follow the other dogs became too much for her, and she decided that the doggie door is really cool. Now, she is in and out a bunch - with or without toys.


Windy loves to get hugs and kisses when she wakes up in the morning. She will flip over on her back and ask for rubbing. Laying spread out on soft doggie beds is something we do a lot! She has chosen two of all our beds in the house, and those are very definitely hers. She is a cuddly girl, and lots of hugs are required.

She is super outgoing and greets everybody with lots of wagging. You have to smile. A little timid, but in a good way, a better way to describe it is "not pushy", she kind of waits her turn. She has never attempted jumping up on any furniture. It just doesn't seem to appeal to her at all, especially not when she has her beds that are so much softer than the silly sofa...

Falling in love with Windy takes all but two seconds. What a charmer. We are eager to find her a forever ever home, but the entire household will miss her something fierce. Whoever decides to become the guardian for Windy, will be very, very lucky!

Windy's Foster Mom
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