Wilson is a 1 ½ year old black, male greyhound born on May 15, 2018. Although Wilson was not individually registered, we know Wilson’s sire is Chasmo’s Dutch and his dam is Daliya Bale. Wilson decided early on to pass the racing circuit and directly look for his forever home. His brother is GALT’s Watson. Wilson should not live with cats, nor small dogs

Wilson has decided that racing to retirement was the right move for him. He settled in nicely to the routine of the house. He is an early riser and will let you know when he needs to go outside. He usually does not let you sleep past 7:00, he prefers 6:30. He is young and will turn 2 in May, so there is still a bit of puppy in him, but just enough to be cute with energetic, playful bursts. He loves blankets and pillows! We call him the blanket bandit. He will pull blankets from chairs and couches and take them to where he is resting (even if that is upstairs and even if he already has one). He will even try to take the blanket you are using if you let him. He does not jump up onto furniture or beds; he stays on the floor or in a dog bed. He won't jump into the back of a vehicle either, he’s just not a jumper though he does like to bounce when he is excited. When you pull out the leash for his daily walk those front paws start bouncing like a kangaroo. We are working on some basic commands like Stay. He seems to be picking it up quickly and does not rush the door anymore.

Wilson just wants to be with you and when you're not there, he needs a canine companion. He does not like being alone. He can also be vocal at times with barking, so I don’t recommend an apartment for Wilson. Are you ready for the blanket bandit in your abode?

Wilson Foster Family

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