Wilma Wilma

Wilma is a five-year-old beautiful female brindle born in February 1999. She was found as a stray in Wilmer, TX by a woman who had been trying to capture her for about 3 weeks. Finally the woman was able to get Wilma when she was trying to dump over a trash can to get some food. She is very friendly, loves to be with people and enjoys the company of other dogs. She is small animal tolerant and cat trainable.

One look at Wilma and you are drawn in by her steady, affectionate gaze and her inviting smile! This BIG, easy-going girl is gregarious, yet relaxed and at ease with herself and the indoors. Loud noises don't seem to startle her and she is curious and usually low key around the house. But don't be fooled! Wilma is inquisitive, enjoys meeting new people, and when someone comes to visit her, she likes to get right up and look them in the eyes… whether they're 3'6" or 6'3"! Wilma seems to miss the company of other dogs, though she adores her foster parents and tries to wrap herself around them whenever possible.

She may have been in a home and had some training in the past. Her manners are impressive as she even respects your dinner time! When the family sits down to eat, she leaves the dinner table alone and waits in the other room. Quite a feat for a hound indeed! She has had no accidents in the house and goes outside when necessary, but Wilma appears to be hesitant to stay outside for very long. Perhaps she is afraid of being abandoned and alone again. Hopefully her Forever Home can reassure her once and for all, that this time, she's home to stay.

Wilma's Foster Parents
3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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