Willy Willy

Willy, aka Wily Windbreaker, is a 3-year-old brindle male, born on Valentine's day of 2003. Willy's sire is Gable Chevy and his dam is Itsa Wildone. Willy never progressed to the racing circuit, deciding early on in life that he would prefer to stretch his legs after napping rather than during a race. He is a quiet boy, a bit bashful, but warms up quickly to new friends. Willy appears to be cat tolerant.

Willy is such a sweetie, and gorgeous to boot. He's a little shy, but wants the TLC bad enough to overcome his timidity. His house manners have been impeccable. He crates well, and on days I'm at home, he indicates when he needs to go out. Nothing overt, just recognizable signs like nosing me gently, then looking back to make sure I'm following him to the door, or just standing near the door. As a result, he's often called "Good Will" in his foster home.

Willy has his playful side and is learning about soft squeaky toys. He gets along great with his foster sibs, two male greyhounds and a female terrier mix. He also gets along with the cat. Come meet this beautiful boy full of dignity, grace, and love.

Willy's Foster Mom
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