Wigwam Wigwam

Wigwam is quite the handsome, almost 8-year-old brindle male born July 2001. His racing career was from July 2003 to March 2005 in several states. He then went on to help other dogs by being a blood donor. Wigwam is ready to find his forever home! This guy has gone over and beyond in his lifetime – he needs a retirement couch for sure; can you see that in his eyes?

Wigwam's cat test: Wigwam showed some interest in the cats as they were introduced, but after he got a good sniff of them he moved on to check out the other new things in the house. He followed Pepper down the hall and when Pepper turned into a room Wigwam turned a different direction without much interest in where the cat was going. Wigwam should be cat trainable, but always use a muzzle and precaution when introducing him to a new cat.


Wigwam joined our family 5 weeks ago and was instantly comfortable being crated and it became a safe haven for him. We quickly decided to limit his time in the crate so he could get to know our family including 2 greyhounds and 2 cats. He gets along fine with dogs and cats! Learning the routine in our home came within the first week and we broke him of running back to his crate. Now he is the last one to go back to his crate at night. Wigwam as well as the other greys are left out of their crates during the day while someone is at home. When we leave during the day to run errands, etc. all greys are crated in the master bedroom in addition to overnight.

"Wigs" has a voracious appetite and really looks forward to meals and biscuits in between! He has learned that he has to wait his turn behind the other 2 greys, who are fed at the same time in the laundry room. He enjoys playing with stuffed animals and squeaky toys and likes to drag them from one room to another. He is a very happy and funny doggie and enjoys his time out in the backyard running and kicking up his rear legs. He also walks nicely on a leash for 20 - 30 minute outings.

Wigwam has a very sweet personality and is still learning to bond with his family members. This is quite a new life for an almost 8-year-old greyhound, and he is finally at the point where he is really looking forward to his permanent "Home, Sweet Home!" If you are open to an older dog who is just as peppy as the younger ones - but mellow and well behaved with adults and grandchildren - you would be well served to consider Mr. Wigwam!

Wigwam's Foster Mom
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