Whitney Whitney

Whitney, a petite black female, was found as a stray with Blake. Named for Lake Whitney, the area near where she was found, Whitney started her life registered with the NGA under the name of Karrie Webb. This information, along with her May 29, 2004 birthday, can be traced through her ear tattoos. Whitney's sire is Tigger and her dam is My Sherrie Baby, and her grand sire is Gable Dodge. The trail goes cold at this point, and not much else is known about Whitney's past. However, there is no doubt she is relieved to be off the road and living in a foster home. Very timid when she first arrived, Whitney is coming out of her shell as she discovers the rewards of human companionship. Whitney is cat tolerant, but she has not been around little dogs.


Whitney is a very cute, shy, and well-behaved little girl. She has been through so much and she tells you about it with those eyes. She came into my home after being captured with Blake; both were strays. She had severe skin problems, weighed under 50 pounds, and was very shy. After a few months, she is looking fantastic! Whitney has made awesome progress and is much more trusting and approachable. She eats from my hand now and silently wanders into the room to be near me. She is really coming out of her shell! Her favorite things are to take walks, run laps in the yard, play with toys, or just take a sun bath. She is a terrific companion on a walk!

Whitney wants to say a few words:
They tell me I was a stray. I'm not sure what that is, but I just remember being on the run with my "big brother" Blake. It was very scary, but a really nice man named David from GALT found a foster home for us. I've met lots of new friends and I have so much fun with them. In the morning, I wait quietly until I know it's time to get up. I love breakfast and I play will ALL my toys until it's time to eat. I also love to get outside and lie in the grass or take a walk. I love it when foster dad comes to scratch me under my neck or pet me behind the ears. It puts me to sleep. My foster home is pretty cool, but I really, really, really want to find my new forever home. Come see me!

Whitney's Foster Family
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