Whistler, aka Whistler Kelly, is a stunning, shiny black 3-year-old female born February 10, 2003. Her sire is Craigie Whistler, making her grand-sire Molotov, and her dam is EE's Speed Dream. Whistler, along with Excel, came from the Corpus Christi track when the kennel that raced her closed on September 6, 2004. Needless to say, her racing career was extremely short. Whistler was in a home for 13 months, but has been returned through no fault of her own. She is full of spirit and one happy girl! Whistler is one of those greyhounds that is a true "smiler"! It is not known at this time if Whistler is cat tolerant.

Whistler is a gorgeous, shiny black girl with white feet and the biggest brown eyes that look right through you. This is a very sweet, smart, energetic and loving girl. We are working on the issue of counter surfing and she is learning that it is not allowed. All it takes is a firm 'NO' and she stops.

Whistler loves to play and is good with other dogs. She even seems to tolerate small dogs. It is unknown if she is cat tolerant. We have seen cats from a distance and she just looked at them but we haven't been up close. She loves to go for walks and when we walk far, she likes to come home and take a long snooze. Whistler gets the biggest smile on her face when she gets to go for car rides. She likes to ride with her head on your shoulder and look around.

Whistler is a good eater, loves treats and will guard her food very closely. She does not like to be disturbed by other dogs while she eats. She doesn't mind sharing her toys, but is less likely to share chews and food.

This quiet girl will make a great companion. She sleeps most of the time on her bed in the living room if you are there; she sleeps on her bed by my bed at night. She never makes a sound and sometimes doesn't want to get up in the morning when I get up for work. Her house manners are good. She plays with my dog and every now and then her tail hits a lamp and she turns to look at it as if she feels bad, then goes on her merry way.

My favorite things about her are her gentle nature, loving eyes and smile, and when she talks to me. The cutest is when I get home from work and she's so excited she jumps and twirls in place - like a Whistler tornado. She is a wonderful girl and will make you laugh, love and be glad you have her around.

Whistler's foster family
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