Wheezy, aka Hi Noon Wheezy, is a 9 year old red female born on January 31, 2012. Her sire is Team Record and her dam is Hi Noon G Whiz. Wheezy has 89 races to her name, all at Derby Lan in Florida. After she retired from the track, she went on to have several litters of puppies. She is so ready to find her forever family! Wheezy has not yet been tested with cats or other small animals.

Wheezy is used to being EXCELLENT. First she was an EXCELLENT racer (89 races in 2 years with 19 wins and 25 seconds or thirds) and then an EXCELLENT mom – 4 litters with a total of 26 pups!!! She has been an EXCELLENT foster dog moving into our house with no fuss and settling into our routines on the first day. She has EXCELLENT house manners. NOW she is ready to be someone’s EXCELLENT dog.

Wheezy is a lovely quiet confident girl who can be an only dog. She gets along well with other dogs, though doesn’t insist on being near them at all times. She loves roaming around our yard on her own and is learning to come when called. She is ok in big spaces like PetSmart, handling it all with ease. She also loves to ride in the car and is very quiet doing it. She mostly lays down in the back of the car with her head up looking out the window.,/p>

And she is a subtle Velcro dog. She doesn’t make a big deal of it, and within five minutes of my moving to another part of the house, she is there. She may come up and give me a little lick on the hand or she may just lay down on the floor just to be nearby. In fact the only time she seems to get anxious is if my husband and I are both moving around a lot and she can’t seem to make up her mind whom to follow.

Wheezy is one of those pups who had an extreme dental procedure. She has very few teeth left in her mouth and needs wet food. We use a combination of moistened kibble and ½ can wet food twice a day. She is very food motivated and will try most anything even if she can’t chew it up.

Wheezy is a delightful senior and will be a treasure to her forever family.

Wheezy' Foster Family