Wesley Wesley

Wesley is a handsome, almost 2-year-old fawn male born April 9, 2008. Wesley’s sire is Lonesome Cry, making his grand-sire the late, famous Gable Dodge, and his dam is CTW Up and Comin, making his grand-sire the late, famous Molotov. What a lineage! Wesley is one of 10 pups in his liter, but was not individually registered with the National Greyhound Association. His dark markings on his face give him a very distinctive look.

Wesley is cat and small animal tolerant.


Wesley eat. And eat. And eat some more...yeah, and never gain a pound. A few ounces, maybe, but truly, the big lug has the metabolism we all yearn for.

This two-year-old guy with the dipped-in-ink nose has had his share of ailments; namely, a corn in his hind foot and a surgically removed tail. The amputation was a result of the bittersweetly named "happy tail." Yet even without the widely and oft-swinging appendage, he is still oh-so-happy. The pesky corn has also been removed.

He gets excited when it's time to go outside, when we get home, when it's time to (yet again) eat, when he hears those magic eight words: "Hey Wesley, want to go for a walk?"


He is a champ on the leash. He stays right next to us, except for those times when the realization that "HEY I AM ON A WALK!!" hits him and he jumps around with glee. It's short-lived, though; he settles down easily. Same for the times he remembers what he was bred to do and starts to lope a little.

When I picked him up that very first day, I thought, "How can this big lug be gentle with cats?" But he is. Actually, he pays no attention to our two. They in turn (especially the coquettish female) seem to have a bit of a crush on him, easing onto his bed when he is there -- especially when the sun's warmth is hitting it.

When he first arrived, Wesley had an accident or two indoors. But now when he needs to go outside, he signals by pacing around the house. So we either put him on the leash or let him in the back yard. He stretches, stretches again, then trots to the same general area to go. He has made, and continues to make, wonderful progress in his house training.

He sleeps through the night and likes early morning walks followed by yes, breakfast. He has snippets of frolic, but doesn't really play. We need to incorporate that into his day, quite honestly.

Wesley is a champ, one who would probably do well as an only dog, but I think he also might like a little company. He perks up our lives, as he no doubt will someone else's.

Wesley's Foster Mom
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