Vivie Vivie

Vivie is a gorgeous, white and black, five-year-old female greyhound born July 2004, and registered as the “C” pup. That is all that is know of her, as her registration ear is double tattooed. GALT was contacted by a coyote hunter in Amarillo who said he had three “old dogs” to get rid of...and of course one was Vivie. Vivie is a beautiful and sweet girl. Vivie is cat tolerant.


Vivie is just about the perfect dog – she’s at least the most perfect foster I’ve had. She’s at the age where she’s calm yet affectionate, playful without being obnoxious. She’ll crate nicely if you want her to, but I only crate her for feeding. Vivie also sleeps nicely on a dog bed and doesn’t often grouse at the other dogs when they encroach on her space.

Vivie isn’t completely perfect. She will steal a tissue to shred if it’s in reach, or sneak a lick on something enticing on the table or counter. But she’s still exploring all the new sights and smells of a home, and has responded so far to gentle verbal corrections. She’ll sometimes correct the younger dogs by taking their muzzle in her mouth, leading me to believe that she’s raised pups in the past.


Vivie adjusted easily to life in her foster home. She quickly learned how to navigate stairs, because that’s where the fun is. (Well, it seemed that way since the dogs were running up and down all the time!) Vivie also learned how to claim a dog bed for sleeping, toys for playing and bones for chewing. She mastered the dog door in less than a day with only the dogs showing her how to do it; no human assistance required. Vivie is very comfortable in the house in a muzzle, so I haven’t been crating her when I leave.

Vivie soon discovered that if she runs up to me, she’ll get some loving and perhaps a treat. And she has learned that the stuffed toys and bones around the house are for her to play with. She’ll pounce on the stuffed rabbit - then bounce, bounce, bounce on it before tossing it and starting over. This sweet girl is cat-tolerant and often "roaches" on the floor when she is feeling especially relaxed. She handles greyt on the leash and really seems to be happy to be in a home. Her tail wags often (but not lethally), and she freely gives kisses. She seems to know when I'm oversleeping and will wake me up by kissing my face! Don't YOU need a new alarm clock?

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