Vito is an estimated 2 1/2 year old fawn greyhound male found as a stray in Hereford, TX. Fortunately he was selected to be transported to Dallas by Pilots N Paws on January 14. The pilot fell in love with him and says he is one of the sweetest dogs he has ever transported! Vito has a positive titer to Ehrlichia Canis, and his six week treatment has started. It is not known at this time if Vito is small animal or cat tolerant.

Update 3/25/2020: Vito's Ehrlichia Canis have been completed and he is ready to find his forever home!

Vito is a very, very good boy! He is quiet, affectionate, gentle, sweet and easily correctable. I haven't heard the term Velcro Dog in quite a while and that is what he is. He appears to adore both his foster people and plays very well with our 4 year old female. He understands that he shouldn't bother our 10 year old female too much as she is a very small greyhound. Since she is so small, we think that Vito may do well with medium sized dogs. We don't yet know about smaller dogs or cats.

Vito is a little on the skittish side; it's mild, not at all spook like. Sudden loud noises, voices or quick hand motions will send him into hiding. However, a thunder storm didn't even faze him. He recovers rapidly from these minor frights and comes running happily if you call him.

Being alone, even with the other dogs present, is a little challenging for Vito. We are seldom gone more than a few hours and that is presently too long, in his opinion. He wants his people. He seems to respond a little better to being crated than left loose around the house. Not destructive in any way, just exhausts himself running around looking for us while barking. We are working on that as best we can with the current virus situation.

Food is another challenge. He is hungry and wants his food and everyone else's as well. Because our 4 year old is the same way, Vito is being fed in a crate. Treats are more manageable and he understands that he doesn't get to have people food.

Vito is a special boy and needs a family of homebodies with other dogs to make his world complete and less big.

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